Boarding School – High School


My high School Years were spent at Maritzburg College, in the capital city of Natal, Kwa Zulu – Pietermaritzburg.  “College” as it was always referred to, was modeled on the two British High Schools of “Eaton and Harrow” in the UK. Renowned schools with all their history, we even took on the school uniforms of these two very respected and world renowned schools.

Our uniforms where: Grey flannel slax, White shirt, Black Blazer with the school’s crest on the breast pocket, red, white and black stripe tie (our school color’s) and black dress shoes. The crowning glory, was a “straw basher” – a type of hat that was significantly associated with the two famous UK schools. Quite the regalia, particularly on Sunday church outings!    

College produced many South African Springbok’s, the national name for all athletes achieving the pinnacle in their “sports” careers. in the field of Rugby and Cricket and swimming, which were South Africa’s premier sports. South African schools were big on their sports, and students were always very eager to participate in all sporting activities – some of us, multiple! Very much an outdoor sports nation, similar to Australia and New Zealand – South Africans are fierce competitors when it comes to their three major sports – Rugby, Cricket and Swimming.