Andy’s Travel Services


With long-term experience in hospitality, destination marketing, corporate meeting planning, and specialized client service, I now enjoy spending my time helping others find their ideal travel experience.

I received my Tour Guide Training while working for Continental Coach Tours of London Ltd. I have visited nearly every country in Europe and I specialize in facilitating people’s travel plans with my knowledge of unique destinations and attractions.

I look forward to assisting you with your travel plans and preparations!


Planning your Personal itinerary:        

The purpose for my blog is to introduce travelers to how much more they can get from their travels, by focusing on creating more unique experiences. Done by developing your very own itinerary.

  • What Cities and Villages?
  • How many days in each location?
  • Chosen modes of transportation?
  • Preference in accommodations?
Colosseum in Rome
Colosseum in Rome, Italy

When planning a trip, I generally suggest two of Italy’s major cities such as:

  • Venice & Rome
  • Florence & Rome
  • Venice and Florence
  • Number of nights to set aside for each of two major cities?
  • Select two or three villages in Tuscany, or Hill Towns of Central Italy
  • One of the Villages in Cinque Terre

This will give you a great choice of not only seeing the best of what Italy has to offer, but feel it! Interact with locals as much as you can, for here you’ll find the heart of Italy. Make a point of sourcing out local restaurants – you wont be sorry!

 At the end of all our exploring, we shall return to where we began, and know the place for the very first time