Mediterranean Cruise Excursion – Kotor

Kotor Boat Tour

Perast, Kotor bay, Montenegro, Adriatic sea.


  • Two and a half hour sightseeing cruise, to Our Lady of the Rocks and Perast from Kotor

  • Explore the ancient church and interesting museum on the tiny island, Our Lady of the Rocks

  • Absorb the historical charm of Perst’s Old Town during some relaxed free time

What you can expect:

Discover the cultural and natural delights of Montenegro on a 2.5 hour sightseeing cruise from Kotor. After selecting a departure time to suit your schedule, climb aboard a comfortable boat and head to the beautiful Our Lady of the Rocks, a tiny island home to an ancient church and an interesting museum.After some relaxed free time exploring the inlet, sail to the historical town  of Perast to explore its charming Old Town and interesting Maritime Museum before returning to Kotor.

Choose between 12 pm or 2 pm departure and sail for approximately 40 minutes. We dock at our Lady of the Rocks Island for 30 minutes. On the island you can visit a church and a museum. After this break, we sail to the Old Town Perast for a short trip of about 5 minutes. In Perast you can visit St Nikola Church, the first maritime Museum, or spend time in some of the many restaurants to enjoy the domestic food and wine. After that we sail back to Kotor port.

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