Mediterranean Cruise Excursions -Civitavecchia

Civitavecchia – (Port for Rome)

Skip the Line: Ancient Rome and Colosseum

Colosseum in Rome

Half -Day Walking Tour

What you can Expect:

Skip the entrance line at the Colosseum so you won’t waste any time getting inside  to marvel at this Roman icon. On this walking tour of Ancient Rome, you’ll explore the amphitheatre’s first and second levels with a guide, who entertains you with gruesome gladiator battles. Then visit the Roman Forum to see its ancient ruins like the Temple of Julius Caesar. This tour is limited to 25 people. If you want to enhance your experience , upgrade to a tour of the Colosseum ‘s restricted underground chambers, arena and upper tier.


  • Skip the line outside the Colosseum with your priority-entrance ticket

  • Learn all about the Gladiators and the Emperors who decided their fates

  • Walk around the first and second tiers of the Colosseum, hearing the history from the guide.

  • Explore the Roman Forum, seeing the House of Vestal Virgins and walking along Via Sacre

  • Upgrade and gain access the Colosseum’s arena floor, underground chambers and third tier.

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