Restaurants in Cinque Terre


Cantina Dello Zio Bramante: A welcome treat after hike from Corniglia.



Riomaggiore: Village # 1

  • Enoteca dau Cila Lobster Gnocchi by the sea – awesome view.

  • A Pie’ De Ma Wonderful View – Wine & Bruschetta.

  • Il Pescato Cucinato Great Itlalian seafood takeout for picnic.

  • Ripa Del Sole Fresh local seafood – delicious food – spectacular view.

  • Bar E Vini Great view – lots of sampling platters- laid back not touristy.

  Manarola: Village # 2

  • Aristide     Delicious Fresh Seafood – Great breakfast.

  • Trattoria Locanda     Amazing! Pesto Lasagna, Lobster Alfredo,

          Il Porticciolo:     Strawberry Tiramisu.

  • Gelateria Cinque Terre:  Best Gelato in Cinque Terre – Quality of     flavors outstanding – made fresh daily.

  • Cantina Dello Zio Bramante: welcome treat after hike from Corniglia.

   Corniglia: Village # 3

  • Osteria A Cantina   Seafood – Try the pressed octopus & home made ravioli with Pesto – freshly made.

  • Alberto Gelateria   Ever tasted basil or honey gelato? Worth a stop after your hike.

  • E R Posu cafe   Great spot to enjoy lunch with local wine –    great view of the Ligurian Coastline.

  • Food & Sea   Don’t forget to try their Bruschetta – enjoy the awesome view.

   Vernazza: Village # 4 Where Pesto originated!

  • Al Castello     Great view – remember to order the seafood.

  • Ristorante Belforte     Sea food – View and food to die for!!

  • Gambero Rosso     Italian – doesn’t get any fresher than this!

  • Il Perata Delle     Place to be in Vernazza – fun evening –  Conolli brothers. local entertainment!!   

  • LA Torre   Seafood – An experience not to miss.

  • Gelateria Il Porticciolo   Gelato ! Mamma Mia!

  • Ristorante Pizzeria Vulnetia   Unpretentious–great service, good food.

  • Pizzaaria Fratelli Basso     Best Pizza!

Monterosso al Mare:     Village # 5

  • Ristorante Miky     Seafood – great food & location – pricey reservations in advance – upscale dining experience!

  • Facaccerio Il Frontoio       Light fare – fast food.

  • La Cantina del Pescatore       Seafood – great value – wine & tapas

  • Ristorante Via Venti       Tasty local seafood – pear & cheese pasta!! – friendly service – family owned.

  • Enoteca DA Eliseo       Best bar in Monterosso – early evening being best time.

  • Gastronomia San Martino       Unpretentious setting – cheap – cheerful eats – delicious Hole in the Wall!

  • Il Massimo Della Focaccia Just outside train station – great Italian fast food – best focaccia in Cinque Terre.


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